RTB, thanks to its partner companies, and his know-how in the field of wine and food is now able to plan and organize each complete realization of the cellar. Particularly active in the supply of steel storage tanks, fermenters, autoclaves, flotation, refrigeration systems, cip washing, primary and waste water treatment systems tangential filtration, reverse osmosis filters and rental.




The group Sapio operates in the industrial gases and medical for the food, industrial, mechanical and hospital, with supply and distribution of oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, hydrogen, acetylene, argon, helium, mixtures and high purity gases gar, F.U. and refrigerants.

Also designs and builds plants for on-site production of gas, nitrogen generators and applications in water treatment.



Koch Membrane Systems is a global leader in the development, production and marketing of all types of membranes, such as hollow fibers, spiral, tubular, immersion, osmosis, nano filtration, cross-flow and separation systems.

Operating in several sectors including wine, food, pharmaceutical, dairy, chemicals, wastewater treatment and industrial applications.



Miros srl operates in the wine-making machinery since 1988, producing equipment for the reception and the first pressing of the grapes. He has developed cutting-edge technology and industry experience to the crushing of the cellars from the model to the Bijou Magnum 410.

Now includes 20 models of pneumatic presses either closed or open tank and a wide range of wine-making equipment and accessories.


The company Giobatta & Garbellotto Piero di Conegliano Veneto, is the oldest and most famous Italian company manufacturer of barrels and vats, which produces since 1775 that markets all over the wine world.

It 'also active in industry and trade of wood derived from forests selected, synergistic activity in mature and select the best timber for the construction of their barrels.


Essedielle is an Italian company that manufactures and markets products for oenology and for power, adjuvants, additives, gum arabic, yeasts and bacteria.And 'this for years on the national and international markets and booming thanks to the high quality of its products, the significant investment in research in biotechnology and in the careful experimentation.


Eaton Filtration, a branch of the multinational Eaton, is a qualified manufacturer in the world of high performance filter bags with brands Gaf and Loeffler, already used in the chemical, industrial, food and pharmaceutical industries.

In the wine industry has a version in a modern ancient bag filtration, useful for brightening of wines to the highest quality and with limited costs.

CHR LOGO FoodHygiene


The group Christeyns is a company of Belgian origin that operates internationally, with core competencies in the production of chemical products such as raw materials and finished products.

It's specializes in the production of disinfectants for the food and wine.

It's a flexible company able to meet the production demands with different standards of hygiene and quality standards.

In addition, the service technician is able to analyze the different needs of customers in the field or in the laboratory.


Domnick Hunter Parker is an important and qualified multinational company, a manufacturer of membranes, pre-filtration and microfiltration cartridges, containers, liquid and gas filtration systems laboratory.

Among the various applications is present in the wine industry industrial, pharmaceutical, nuclear, chemical, electronic, food, beverage and primary water treatment.


The Save Impianti was established in 1993 as a design studio.

The company is oriented to the construction of machines for the wine industry, such plants dealcoholation, refrigeration, stabilization, concentration, pasteurization, desulfurization, filtration, membrane processes and resin treatments.

She can provide a rapid service and functional thanks to its structure extremely slender and qualified.